3D scenography creation in real time: know how the event’s future will happen

Zaz Produções - Jun 01, 2021

The Corona virus pandemic definitely changed the way we think and do events. One of the very first departments to close, and also one of the last to be reopened. The sanitary crisis brought many challenges to the class, but also accelerated the digital transformation that was already in march.
Alert for a secure recapture, in line with international tendencies, Zaz Productions (Zaz Produções) is the first agency focused in corporate events and culture development of Latin America to acquire the technology that consists in a creation platform of virtual 3D scenography for real time action.
“Since we do loads of events transmitted in multiplatform, this new technology is our differential. We get out of our comfort zone, so we can deliver spectacular scenography in virtual reality” says the CEO of Zaz Productions, André Zavarize.
The technology inserts a 3D reality first crafted in the software Unreal Engine, that was actually developed by Epic Games – a games company that created Fortnite, aiming for new projects in their field. However, the software soon was assembled by the movie industry, when directors noticed that they could use Unreal Engine as a tool to analyze the application of the special effects in loco, instead of waiting to know how it would turn out in post-production, making the process faster and giving more creative freedom.
The software allows the creation of sceneries for events in the greatest cinematographic style. The imagination, in the other hand, gains space to be done at its best. It’s possible to add the speaker in a forest or the top of the mountain, for example.
“The event’s department has a great ability to manage crises, and the pandemic obligated us to think in new ways to deliver an event. We wanted to go beyond normal lives, [taking] all the sanitary cares into account”, analyses André.
“We are working with three platforms: one with a capacity up to 4K people; the second for publics between 10k to 40k people; and a third one that gives us the possibility to present 3D stands. We own the greatest technology, and we deliver results with international standards”, he concludes.

By Lucas Lima and Paula Mariane, from ZAZ Produções.

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