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Zaz Produções - March 06, 2020

The ZAZ team is made up of 77.77% women. Talented, creative, competent and very intelligent, with training in different areas, such as Events, Marketing, Public Relations, Architecture, Graphic Design and Advertising and Advertising. In conversation with the team, we sought to understand a little about the general situation of women in the job market today and in ZAZ itself.

ZAZ - As women, what are the biggest challenges for the success of your professional career?

Alessandra - The biggest challenges are to teach what sexist thoughts are and indicate why they degrade the social posture of women.
Beatriz - Currently, unfortunately, there are several challenges for women within companies, but within ZAZ, gender equality is part of their identity, making their employees feel more comfortable in their work environment.
Bianca - Unfortunately we women are still very undervalued in the job market, there is still a lot of suspicion on the part of men that we are able to deliver a job that matches, or even in a better way. I always notice how the way a supplier treats me changes when André appears on the scene, I practically do not exist anymore. A good thing is that not everyone does this, thankfully, but it shouldn't even happen at first.
Juliana - I believe that one of the biggest challenges is to have greater respect and equality between men and women.
Milena - I believe that there are countless challenges for women in their professional career as a possibility for good promotions and recognition. However, equality is something in evidence that we are often looking for in the job market, it is not because we are women that we are less productive or capable than men, we have the potential to grow and develop just like them. ”
Natália - More and more, women are having opportunities to show that they are able to manage their professional lives and run their businesses with total success. It is up to companies to open their doors and minds, offering greater chances for us to show our potential.
Thayane - In my opinion, the biggest challenge for a career as a woman is to be often diminished or underestimated just for being a woman, without any logical explanation.

ZAZ - What is it like to work in a team formed mostly by women?

Alessandra - The atmosphere is very pleasant, because at the same time that we talk and make the environment lighter, in the moments of focus it is possible to hear the noise of the fluttering of a butterfly's wings.
Beatriz - I joined ZAZ a month ago, I was surprised by the number of women in the work environment, and unfortunately the work of a team formed by women is a differentiator in the market, being great here within ZAZ, with a greater focus on productivity , mainly in the details.
Bianca - It's wonderful! We get along very well and I feel more comfortable being surrounded by many women every day. When we had more men on the team, more discussions ended up.
Juliana - Very good, regardless of gender, as everyone is respected, efficient and communicating with each other, we have managed to bring a high level result.
Milena - Working in a group formed by women is wonderful and I believe that it is much more productive. The fact of working as a team makes it a lot easier, since we have more resilience and greater aptitude to deal with adversities. We women, we have a professional prominence in being multitasking, with this, we are able to carry out countless demands in our day-to-day lives with excellence, professionalism, assertiveness and speed.
Natália - I believe that in these cases, there is solidarity and greater support among us, so that everyone can grow and become even better professionals.
Thayane - For me, it is better, because the world is already completely sexist and sexist, and working in a place that is the opposite of what I will have to fight and see every moment, is much more comforting.

ZAZ - What makes ZAZ a good company for women?

Alessandra - The composition of the team, being mostly women, is already a good indication of how well received we are.
Beatriz - At ZAZ, respect for women is paramount, being a great environment for women, in which they work as part of the entire project development process, with great responsibilities.
Bianca - Basically for now it is formed mostly by women, lol, it ends up being a more receptive environment.
Juliana - Greater openness to participate in key activities at work.
Milena - I'm in ZAZ for a short time, but I realize that here inside women have a lot of voice and are very respected. They can handle big projects and new situations without wasting time or getting excited.
Natália - At ZAZ, you feel comfortable giving your opinions, and being sure that your voice will be heard, regardless of your gender.
Thayane - The fact that we know that we are united against the machismo involved in the business of events.

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