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Zaz Produções - March 29, 2021

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When we think of trends, we immediately think of transformations and innovation, but as 2021 is still influenced by the transformations caused by 2020.

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While people have adapted to social distance, companies have had to reinvent themselves and strengthen their digital presence.

In this context, the pandemic managed to create new trends and accelerated movements that were already being pointed out, and this reflected both marketers and consumers. We made a list of trends that influenced our year:

1. Valuation of experiences in real time

Lives multiplied on all channels, be it on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook, and on specific platforms like Zoom, which reached millions of views, but in addition people wanted to connect, but human connections in real time and it is in that sense that brands were able to harness the power of real-time experiences where consumer engagement is much greater, which is why they value user participation.

2. User generated content

For those unfamiliar, this experience can be summed up in: strategies that the marketing team can take advantage of from consumer posts, crazy right? But it is much more common today than we imagine, after all the consumer experience in relation to a product or service counts a lot, since it is he who is testing or enjoying the experience, so even when we talk about the consumer experience we are talking of the content generated by them when trying out a product / service of some brand, this interaction can occur in many ways, the most recurring is instagram stories, so it is essential to have a social network well engaged with your consumer, we bet that from there came great ideas for the next campaigns of the brand.

3. Increased creation of interactive content

The more creative your content is, the more attractive you become on social media. With the arrival of apps like TikTok, and the instagram tool, Reels, the content has become increasingly interactive and direct, this allows companies to approach their customers organically, which is much more interesting than that a simple post, for example that is why it is so important to update and be on top of all the news and be prepared for them.

4. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques that aims to position a page in the first results of online search engines, such as Google. But we need to keep in mind that before using SEO techniques we need to create content. I bet everyone here has used Google, but did you know that in order for a website to stand out on the first pages of the most used tool in the world, it is necessary that your content be as good as your website? That's because google searches within its mechanics, keywords that are what elevate your site to the first search pages.

5. Social Media Sales

Do you know that beautiful blouse? It can be yours in just a few clicks, stores on social networks have gained notoriety for the ease they bring to customers, in addition to being a great virtual showcase, people are able to integrate into a single environment and close good sales.

6. More searches without clicks

Now that you know the main trends for 2021, it is time to sit down to evaluate if your business is implementing some of them, if so, always look for news within the mentioned areas, if not, it is time to better evaluate your position and give the initial start to change things, don't forget to keep your communication channels up to date, listen to your consumer and prepare for the future changes that are yet to come throughout the year, keep an eye on all of them and keep an eye on our blog.

So following these trends is the formula for success in 2021, stay on top of all the news in the world of digital marketing, and always count on ZAZ to produce the best of the event, culture and digital.

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