“The historic 2nd of November”

Zaz Produções - November 19, 2020

Have you ever imagined doing an event with concerts on November 2nd? We not only imagined it, we made it happen. In 2020, All Souls Day was disruptive, innovative and historic.

Grupo Zelo, one of the largest undertakings in the state of Minas Gerais, passed on to ZAZ the mission of producing an 8-hour Live. For being a delicate date for some, and more complicated for others, we built a moment of resignification and poetry. A moment to transform the pain of longing into good memories and, with that, spend the day "connecting memories".

The live began with covering the mass in suffrage for the souls in purgatory, presided by Father Alexandre Fernandes. The celebration took place at the Church of Nossa Senhora do Pilar, in Ouro Preto. Conducted by Thatiana Brasil, the live had a musical presentation by Father Alessandro Campos; singers Alexandre Pires, Fernanda Brum and Renato Teixeira; and the poet Bráulio Bessa. With an impeccable technical and artistic structure, the event was directed by Maurício Donato.

The moment was to make the All Soul’s Day a lighter date in Brazil. We talk about life and its end in a universal way. We share the way farewell rituals are performed in other countries and how other cultures face death. In a musical, poetic and journalistic way, we managed to contribute to a historic November 2nd in Brazil.

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