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Zaz Produções - February 01, 2021

By definition, it’s any action taken with the objective of directing the perception of consumers in relation to a certain brand, product or service.

It’s what aims to add value to each purchase, so that it’s not seen only as "one more" and provoke good feelings in the consumer.

The event market has been adapting to many changes and experiences come in many formats. They can be live, virtual, and sometimes both.

Photo of the Zingplay Carnival Festival

Brand experiences must make an impact. Be flexible, dynamic, personalized and connected. We do this through inspiring stories that captivate the public, no matter where they are, thus creating unique events according to the client's needs.

We adapt to an audience that has a totally different mentality and location. Virtual round tables, virtual network, broadcast lectures and even breakout sessions with online discussions. There are countless resources to reach and communicate the customer's message.

LOGDAY photo

In another text, we will communicate and talk more about the types of Brand Experiences we can carry out.

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